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Has your solar PV installer gone out of business?

A large number of solar PV installers have gone out of business in recent years, we've helped many commercial clients who have been left without support for their system, often with significant problems from poorly installed or incorrectly registered systems. 

If this is you we are here to support you with your system maintenance, 'feed in tariff / ROOFiT compliance advice' and operational needs.

We monitor tens of MegaWatts of systems on a 'live' basis. We've been utilising sophisticated monitoring systems for over 7 years and have a vast array of knowledge about maintaining the performance of your system and protecting your income.

We also have a deep understanding of the legal process and requirements for Feed in Tariff and ROOFiT, if you need advice, a survey of an existing system or even a professional witness we can help.

We are approved service partners for many of the solar industry leading brands, including but not limited to, Fronius, Delta Electronics, Tesla, SMA and ABB (PowerOne)

Operation and maintenance options

Annual maintenance visit

You can request a one-off non-contract maintenance visit where one of our qualified solar electricians will perform a visual initial inspection of your system and consumables (where accessible) and  re-test electrical components as required.

We also include a review of the data logs collected on the inverter and any fault codes that are identified. A shade analysis of the site can be conducted with a detailed report of findings and any recommendations for remedial or maintenance work, which we can carry out at additional cost.

Monitoring and annual visit

This allows you to benefit from our ongoing monitoring of your solar PV system (minimum 12 month contract term) in addition to an annual maintenance visit, detailed above.

We can use the monitoring hardware installed on your system (or install new monitoring equipment) which will notify our monitoring department of any failure to generate aswell as highlighting any generation performance issues.

We will notify you within 48 business hours (although typically same day) and arrange prompt attention for any issues that can not be fixed remotely.

Further remedial or maintenance work can be arranged at additional cost. Generation data will be made available to you via our online Solarlog or Generation Meter portal, we provide 'live' annual generation forecasts and actual performance reports for your records. This information can be used to compare actual to expected performance results enabling trend analysis to predict future maintenance requirements.

Strength through scale - we have installed hundreds of commercial solar PV installations across the UK, we benchmark the performance of our solar PV installations in your local area to understand any local weather variations and isolate any potential issues to reduce your potential maintenance cost.

Operation, maintenance with monitoring

Our full maintenance package solution, (minimum 12 month contract term) offers you complete peace of mind with agreed service level response standards for an agreed number of remedial repair visits per year. This package also includes an agreed fixed amount towards consumable costs per year.

For many of our clients we manage the feed in tariff / ROOFiT process along with warranty claims, and implement various additional levels of system monitoring from live daily meter readings for both import and export. This enables cross checking of systems that are reporting issues further reducing the number of callouts we are required to undertake, lowering your costs further. 

Monitoring is typically at an individual inverter level although can go down to panel level dependent on the inverter type used.

Drone surveys

Electric Future are always at the forefront of new technology, we produce aerial drone surveys to assist in both the planning stage as well as for post installation maintenance and fault finding.

We have also produced aerial crop analysis for a number of our farming customers which can be fantastic time saver particularly for fertiliser dosing or crop yield disputes on share farms.

Thermal imaging

During our maintenance visits we will analyse main boards and string junction boxes with our thermal imaging cameras. We find this an absolutely critical tool helping to identify future issues, this allows us to prevent future costs to our clients through preventative maintenance.


We provide cleaning services either as part of standard maintenance package or on a bespoke basis, as and when required. Our maintenance teams are specialist trained to utilise wire line systems on roof's where available. Systems are cleaned according to manufacturers requirements avoiding chemicals that may harm the panels and in all cases maintaining your warranties

Bespoke package

If the above solutions don't quite fit your requirements we are happy to tailor bespoke packages to fit your business requirements, call us for further information.


We are happy to put you in touch with our existing clients who will be able to give you further information on how we perform and save them money!